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About Us


Hydrodol is all about the potential of tomorrow.

It’s about maintaining your routine.

A drink tonight; 6am gym class tomorrow. A Sunday night wedding; before Monday work.

A dinner party followed by the kids’ Saturday morning sport. A spontaneous catch up with friends; planned early Sunday morning brunch with the in-laws.

Your early morning surf, that 6am swim, those fresh tracks on the mountain, your morning walk with girlfriends.

Hydrodol allows you to maintain your routine, health and Wellbeing.

Hydrodol’s Story – It’s started in Australia with Science!

Hydrodol's twenty-year history is not grounded in an aspiration to relieve hangovers, but instead started with scientific researchers originally intending to address conditions including fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

In 1999 Australian entrepreneur William Crothers, who suffered from chronic fatigue, stumbled across an Australian Financial Review (AFR) article that focused on solving chronic fatigue with the Epstein Barr virus. Doctors had long told Crothers that chronic fatigue was a psychological illness and that patients, himself included, should simply ‘get over it’. The AFR article supported his hypothesis that this illness was not a matter of laziness.

With great interest Crothers contacted the research unit at the University of Newcastle that focused on chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. This meeting resulted in the formation of the BioScreen testing facility, with the purposes of delivering customised formulations designed to assist patients suffering from these two conditions.

As Crothers and the University Researchers delved deeper into their research, they tried to answer the questions that perplexed them; why is a person excreting valuable amino acids that the body requires? How were this patient’s microbiology and blood profile different from a healthy gut microbiome? The answers to these questions led the team to develop customised amino acid formulations based on specific tests conducted on patients. They nicknamed these formulations ‘The Brew’.

The Brew consisted of various probiotics, vitamins, minerals and amino acids in a unique combination. Patients reported symptomatic relief from a number of chronic conditions. It was during this test phase that the researchers identified a secondary outcome, that The Brew also relieved symptoms of hangover.

Following this, in 2001 William Crothers's experimental Brew was formally branded Alcodol and BioRevive was born!

BioRevive launched Alcodol at the 2001 World’s Longest Lunch in Melbourne, Australia and then Four years later, an improved formula re-branded Hydrodol was launched.

Hydrodol Today and Tomorrow

Today William’s three sons, the Crothers Brothers, continue the legacy of ensuring their customers can realise the potential of tomorrow. Hydrodol along with other health brands are distributed by BioRevive all with the common goal of improving well-being and joy in people’s lives.

Live for Tomorrow.