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Hydrodol Alcohol Statement

As the abuse of alcohol is a prevalent issue in society, promotion of the responsible use and consumption of alcohol is something that we take very seriously at Hydrodol.

We also acknowledge that many adults can still suffer the side effects of alcohol consumption from time to time, even when they are drinking responsibly. Hydrodol was designed and is intended for use by this group of people.

It is never our intention to influence or promote excessive drinking or increasing consumption through helping to relieve symptoms of occasional hangovers. We have positioned these products for people with busy lives who enjoy an occasional drink but can't afford to not be performing at their best. For example, corporates who entertain clients but still have an early morning flight to catch, mums who like the odd night out but have to deal with children the next day, and people who enjoy dinner and a couple of drinks with friends but don't want to miss that 6:00am PT session.

Hydrodol does not target those who drink excessively for a number of reasons:

• According to research from the Australian Alcohol Guidelines, people who tend to suffer hangovers most are light drinkers, with 76% of light to moderate drinkers experiencing hangovers, whilst heavy drinkers report much lower rates.

• This would have the potential to discourage harm minimization which would go against our company’s and the community’s values.

• The Hydrodol range of products is not effective for binge drinkers - they are only to help relieve the symptoms of occasional hangovers, not alcohol poisoning. Hydrodol products are supplements containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs. They are most effective if taken before or after drinking (as directed) and only if a low to moderate amount of alcohol is consumed.

• All Hydrodol products state 'Drink Responsibly'. This is not a mandatory statement (like it is with alcohol), however we choose to take this position to ensure our intentions are not mistaken. We also include this statement on all promotional material for Hydrodol.

• We actively support Australian Government health initiatives by providing links to their websites that provide guides to support making good choices.