It seems un-Australian, but levels of beer drinking in Australia are currently at a 65 year low, but that hasn’t bucked the Australian craft beer movement.
Craft beer in Australia is exploding, and if you haven’t joined the revolution, it’s time to jump on board.
One of our favourite events of the year, promising to be bigger than Christmas, is Melbourne’s Good Beer Week. Running for a full week in May, the festival highlights some of the best craft beers from all around the world, with a special focus on locally produced beers.
In just six years, it has grown from the spark of an idea to a global festival made up of 270 diverse and innovative events across Melbourne and Victoria that attracts fifty thousand attendees from across Australia and overseas.
If you are a food lover, a beer novice or a full blown beer geek, there will be something for you.
That is why for the first time Hydrodol will be sponsoring the Time Out Pub Awards, an event that raises a glass to the best in the pub scene.
Held at the Good Beer Week’s festival hub, it’s a great opportunity to brush shoulders with the movers and shakers of the craft beer scene, and the perfect event to celebrate the best in the industry, get on the craft beer train and party without a hangover the next day.