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How do I avoid a hangover entirely?2018-10-04T12:53:49+10:00

The only way to completely avoid the risk of a hangover is to completely avoid alcohol.

What if I still want to enjoy alcohol responsibly?2018-10-04T12:51:13+10:00

Eat a good meal before drinking. Stay hydrated before during and after drinking. Always drink in moderation. Take Hydrodol as directed.

What else can I do to relieve my hangover symptoms?2018-10-04T12:50:28+10:00

Drink water between drinks, eat before you go out to drink and drink responsibly.

Can Hydrodol be taken past its use by date?2017-08-22T09:52:30+10:00

Whilst there is nothing that is harmful in the product, we do not recommend that as a general practice for any therapeutic that you take out of date stock. The ingredients can deteriorate over time and not be as therapeutically effective.

Will taking Hydrodol prevent my body’s natural ability to process alcohol?2018-10-10T17:54:52+10:00

No. Hydrodol’s role is to support the body in its own ability to relieve symptoms of hangover

How many standard drinks before Hydrodol becomes ineffective?2017-08-22T09:51:38+10:00

We at Bio Revive at all times encourage responsible drinking. Hydrodol works to support drinking within the recommended guidelines.  In Australia, a standard drink refers to 10 grams of alcohol.  On average, this is how much the human body can process in one hour. The Australian guidelines recommend, for healthy men and women, drinking no more than two standard drinks on any day reduces your risk of harm from alcohol-related disease or injury over a lifetime. Drinking no more than four standard drinks on a single occasion reduces the risk of alcohol-related injury arising from that occasion.

Does Hydrodol contain any common allergens2019-04-17T12:44:20+10:00

Hydrodol is free from added wheat (and other cereals known to contain gluten), sodium, yeast, egg and nuts. Phenylketonurics please note that this product does contain phenylalanine (0.15mg per capsule/0.6mg per recommended dose). If you have any other specific allergy or ingredient concerns please contact us on 1300 790 978

Do the Hydrodol products react with any medications I might be taking?2017-08-22T09:50:14+10:00

There are no known interactions with any medication, however we do recommend that you consult your health care practitioner.

How do you take the Hydrodol capsules?2019-05-07T11:43:02+10:00

Adults: For best results take 4 capsules with water for every 1-4 drinks (for best results take with your first drink), alternatively you can take 4 capsules the morning after.

If taking the Jumbo product, take 2 capsules with water for every 1-4 drinks, alternatively you can take 2 capsules the morning after.

Are there any known side effects?2017-08-22T09:49:20+10:00

There are no known side effects or adverse reactions.

What quality tests have been run on Hydrodol?2017-08-22T09:48:56+10:00

Testing of all ingredients pre-and post manufacture is mandatory for all complementary products by TGA. The ingredients in Hydrodol are all fully traceable and tested for quality throughout the entire manufacturing process and beyond.

Is this product addictive?2017-08-22T09:48:08+10:00

The ingredients in this product are in no way habit forming or work on any psychoactive processes in the body.

I’ve never heard of some of the herbs in this product. Can you tell me more about them?2017-08-22T09:46:07+10:00
  • Pueraria Lobata (Kudzu) is a Traditional Chinese herb that has been used for centuries for its therapeutic and tonic effects on the body.
  • Silybum marianum (Milk thistle) is a traditional western herb that has been used as a tonic for the liver and can assist healthy liver function and detoxification.
What is in the products?2018-10-10T18:03:06+10:00

To help with the relief of symptoms associated with an occasional hangover, each capsule contains the following active ingredients:

Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle) ext. 42.5mg, from 2.98g (min) dry seed; Pueraria lobata (Kudzu) ext. 7.5mg, from 750mg (min) dry root; Potassium Chloride, equiv. to 28.77mg Potassium; Sodium chloride, equiv. to 240mcg Sodium; Magnesium citrate, equiv. to 21mcg Magnesium; Ferrous fumarate, equiv.to 97.5mcg Iron; Thiamine hydrochloride, equiv. to 11.15mg Vitamin B1; Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 325mcg; Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) 25mg; Calcium pantothenate, equiv. to 1.4mg Vitamin B5; Cyanocobalamin, equiv. to 5mcg Vitamin B12; Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 11.25mg; Cholecalciferol, equiv. to 400IU Vitamin D3; d-alpha Tocopheryl acetate, equiv. to 875mcg Vitamin E; Beta carotene 5mcg; Biotin 5mcg; Alanine 10.5mg; Asparagine 150mcg; Aspartic acid 150mcg; Cysteine (as hydrochloride) 150mcg; Glutamine 150mcg; Glycine 3mg; Histidine 150mcg; Isoleucine 7.5mg; Leucine 7.5mg; Lysine hydrochloride 150mcg; Methionine 150mcg; Phenylalanine 150mcg; Proline 150mcg; Serine 1.5mg; Threonine 150mcg; Tyrosine 150mcg; Valine 7.5mg