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New and improved Hydrodol

New and improved Hydrodol

Live for tomorrow, that’s our motto. Our range of Before, After and Daily solutions allow you to have that spontaneous drink with friends, and still kick those health, life or work goals the following day. 

Here at Hydrodol we strive to make our products as convenient and environmentally friendly as possible. From a new and improved capsule, format and packaging, we’re pretty excited to bring you our better than ever Before range! What’s changed you ask? Read on to find out.

Less is more

For years people have asked ‘why do you have to take 4 capsules?’. Well, we’ve managed to squeeze all the original goodness from Hydrodol Before into just two capsules.

Yes, that’s right, less capsules and the same product you’ve come to love. There’s no need to take the onerous 4 before drinking, simply take just 2 capsules with water and you’re good to go.

Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins

While reducing the number of capsules needed, our research and development team also took the opportunity to refine the Hydrodol formula. Hydrodol Before now includes a higher dose of vitamins so your body has the opportunity to absorb more of the good stuff!

100% Vegan

We love our furry friends just as much as you do. So, we’re proud to say that our capsules are completely free from animal products. The entire Hydrodol Before range is now Vegan Friendly.

Convenience is key

Are you the type of social animal who likes to take their Hydrodol on the go? This one’s for you. Hydrodol Before now comes in an easy-tear sachet! This means you can discreetly fit it in your pocket, wallet or handbag. The pocket sized ‘take out’ sachets are available in the Hydrodol 2 Dose and Hydrodol 10 Dose.

We’re greener than ever

Reducing our impact on the environment was a vital factor in the Hydrodol Before update. So, to improve our footprint, we’ve removed all aluminium foil packaging and hard plastic blisters and replaced these with the easy-tear sachet. The box that Hydrodol comes in is recycled cardboard and printed with soy-based inks which are much better for the environment!

So, if you’re ready to find the ultimate balance between work and play, check out our new and improved Before range here.