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Hydrodol is all about the potential of tomorrow. 

It’s about maintaining your routine.

A wine tonight; 6am PT tomorrow.

A dinner party followed by the kids’ Saturday morning sport.

A spontaneous catch up with friends; planned early Sunday morning Brunch with the in-laws.

Your early morning surf, that 6am swim, those fresh tracks on the mountain, the daily walk with girlfriends. Hydrodol allows you to maintain your routine and your health.

It’s Australian and all natural with a nutrient rich, natural formula, full of amino acids, B1 and B2 vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and Kudzu* – a Chinese herb which has been used to relieve hangovers for centuries.
All you need to do is take 4 capsules while drinking, best with your first drink.

Remember to drink responsibly, always read the label and take Hydrodol as directed.

Tomorrow morning, brought to you by Hydrodol.